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I write fanfiction (mostly Transformers, mostly Armada and RiD). I write original fantasy (not much yet). I roleplay, mostly canon characters, mostly obscure, mostly robots, aliens or otherwise asexual for reasons I'm not sure of. I've lived in nine places in four cities on two islands. I have a degree in psychology, I'm working one in science and know way too much about healthcare management. I like snakes, and weather, and machinery.

This journal is just for writing and fandom. I currently use it to tie together my RP journals and keep track of fanfic, but it's also a home for my (very, very much WIP) original fic and any essays, fannish or otherwise, I get around to writing up. Feel free to comment and friend, this one doesn't bite. :D

Warning: Declarations about self may be less impressive than they appear.